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Technical Services

Airports operate in a heavily regulated environment. From the heights, locations and colours of lights on airside surfaces to the recommended height of grass on airport property, nearly every component of an airport system is influenced by standards or recommended practices. Understanding the intricate details of these regulatory requirements is often challenging as their application varies from airport to airport and their interpretation varies from region to region.

Our executive team and professional staff have extensive knowledge and expertise in the technical details of how airports are designed, financed, operated and ultimately regulated. Through this knowledge and expertise, our team ensures that our airports are not only meeting regulatory requirements but also industry best practices, mitigating safety hazards, increasing efficiency and
maximizing the effective utilization of infrastructure and resources. From Safety Management Systems to Airport Master Planning, our team has the proven experience and expertise to deliver innovative and effective solutions.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Safety Management Systems – Canada is regarded internationally as a leader in Safety Management Systems, and our innovative solution delivers efficient cost effective SMS solutions to airports of all sizes.
  • Quality Assurance Programs – The objective of Quality Assurance Programs is to ensure that not only are airport operations executed, but that they are also executed effectively and in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • PPP Advisory Services – Leveraging our knowledge and expertise in the entire airport system, our team understands first-hand how to effectively and successfully execute an airport PPP program.
  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory – Maintaining compliance with regulatory programs, regardless of airport size or complexity, requires continuous vigilance and continuous.
  • Airport Planning and Design – Every component of the airport system, from the runways to the parking lot, requires careful strategic and functional planning to minimize cost and maximize opportunity.