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Airport Operations

Airports are complex organizations involving multiple companies, agencies and stakeholders conducting activities in a relatively small area. At the heart of airport operations is the need for passengers and cargo to transfer from the community onto the aircraft with three common objectives: safety, efficiency and customer service. This can be challenging on even the best of days. During periods of irregular or challenging operations, airport operations staff relies on training, expertise and communication to get things back on track and return to normal.

Our executive team and the professionals they manage have extensive experience in airport operations, from the day-to- day normal operations to the unplanned irregular operations. Our team has the breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise to deliver consistent quality services. This is demonstrated by our operating team at the Iqaluit International Airport, which is the first and only Canadian ISO 9001 certified Airport Operation.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Airport Operations Centre & Help Desk – Providing consistent quality help desk and dispatch airport operations services in a customer service-centric ISO 9001 operations centre.
  • Security – Delivering front-line airport security services not only meeting regulatory requirements but also delivering on safety management and customer service objectives.
  • Baggage System Operations – Often overlooked, maintaining an efficient baggage system means mitigating safety, regulatory, operational and service level issues involving airlines, government agencies and ultimately, passengers.
  • Pass Office Administration – Mandatory at Airports with a Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC), our innovative solution combines technological resources in a ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Parking Management – Maximizing parking revenue means optimizing what is typically the number one non-aeronautical revenue generator for airports while also delivering enhanced customer service.