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Airport Management

Airports are essential to the economic and social fabric of our communities, regions and nation as a whole. Airports provide essential services to northern and remote communities and support the transportation of goods and services from coast to coast. However, airports are also complex business entities that require significant operational and capital expenditures to remain safe and efficient. Understanding the complexities of managing airport systems requires knowledge of general business practices, strategic thinking, an understanding of regulatory requirements and insight into the needs of the community and other stakeholders.

Our executive team has direct experience in all aspects of airport management, including operations, finance, marketing, planning, engineering and regulatory compliance. Our team has the knowledge and capability to execute a range of Airport Management services, from the award of a long-term PPP contract to simply appointing an Airport Manager to support a local airport operation.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Finance and Administration – Balancing maximizing revenue opportunities against creating operational efficiencies all within the context of each specific airport operating environment.
  • Commercial Development – Understanding where and how to create opportunities to increase aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue without impacting core airport operations.
  • Tenant Management – Ensuring that tenants’ leases are current, accurate, protect the airport operating environment and maximize revenue for any given area.
  • ISO Certification – Developing and implementing processes to ensure that airport operations are consistently executed for quality and customer service and accurately documented.
  • Project Management – Understanding how to execute large (or small) infrastructure projects and ensuring transparency and quality through the tendering, design and construction process.