Case Studies

Winnipeg Richardson International Airport

In collaboration with our strategic partner Bouygues Energies and Services Canada, WASCO provides Airport Operations and Facility Maintenance services for the Winnipeg Airport Authority.

In 2015, WASCO (in collaboration with Bouygues Energies & Services) was contracted to provide Airport Operations, Facility Maintenance and Technical Services to the Winnipeg Airports Authority within a long-term services contract. Under these terms, the WASCO team is contracted to operate the Airport Operations Centre, Baggage Operations Centre and the Pass Office.

With our desire of continuous improvement, the operation in Winnipeg is now a fully accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System, demonstrating our commitment to consistent operational excellence and customer service.

Under the leadership of the on-site Contract Manager, our team of nearly 30 staff provide quality and effective airport operations services to one of Canada top 10 airports in a 24-7 environment.

During the project development and implementation phase, WASCO worked extensively with the Winnipeg Airports Authority to develop and refine transferable process systems that could be applied to other airport environments. This enables our team to streamline new operations at other airport sites using similar baseline processes, modified to suit the local systems, resources and environment.

WASCO also provides technical services to the Winnipeg Airports Authority, specifically in supporting airport regulatory programs. WASCO is contracted to manage the three-year Quality Assurance Program mandated by Transport Canada, and has provided expertise and support as it relates to the Airport Operations Manual and Safety Management System along the way. WASCO also provides support in the preparation of Corrective Action Plans, including root-cause analysis, risk assessments and short-term/long-term corrective actions.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport