WASCO believes that aviation is an essential service which generates social and economic prosperity through the transportation of passengers, cargo and social services. In northern and remote communities, airports are quite often the only means of connecting with the rest of Canada, bringing fuel, food, medical services, judicial services and other goods and services to locations where otherwise they would be without.

Airports are also complex entities with stringent regulatory requirements designed to keep passengers and communities safe. Aviation professionals who can successfully navigate the regulatory environment are often difficult to retain due to the dynamics and competitiveness of the industry as a whole. Airports also require significant fiscal investment to both maintain operations and keep capital infrastructure safe, compliant and efficient.

Our core commitment is to provide industry leading professionalism to local airports and communities. We want to share the expertise and resources that we have been lucky enough to acquire and leverage them to support other airports and communities. We deliver these services not as a large multi-national corporation, but as a community-based partner who understands, first hand, the challenges and opportunities of operating a safe and efficient airport environment.

WASCO is also committed to superior customer service delivered through operational excellence. This desire to deliver for our partners is why NASL became the first airport operation in Canada and the only Canadian National Airport System airport to achieve ISO 9000 certification.